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Loading? What is it?

Loading is the act of placing a force or burden upon an object or network.

More specifically, loading may refer to:

In biology:

Carbohydrate loading, a strategy employed by endurance athletes to maximize the storage of glycogen in the muscles Creatine loading, a phase of use of creatine supplements Vocal loading, the stress inflicted on the speech organs when speaking for long periods

In engineering:

Application of a structural load to a system Disk loading, the pressure maintained over the swept area of a helicopter's rotor Seismic loading, one of the basic concepts of earthquake engineering Wing loading, the loaded weight of an aircraft divided by the area of its wing Loading characteristic, a measure of traffic on a telephone system Insertion of an electrical load into a circuit Use of a loading coil to increase inductance

Loading (computing), the process in which the contents of an executable file are read into a computer's memory